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Book description
Experience the darker side of romance with the first FOUR stand alone novels in the Captive to the Dark Series. WARNING: These books contain graphic violence, disturbing situations, dubious consent, and strong language. Slade (Captive to the Dark, Book 1) SLADE is every bit the animal he portrays. Dominant, dark, unbending, and possessive—her own personal predator. Mary can’t help but be drawn to the soul deep darkness in him. It calls to her like nothing she’s ever felt before. Blake (Captive to the Dark, Book 2) With each slice of my blade, I watched the cover model unleash a darkness equivalent to mine. She seduced the beast I held within, and I knew I had to have her. Her damage only I can heal, but to do that, she’ll have to become a slave all over again. My slave. Gaige (Captive to the Dark, Book 3) Elle wasn’t mine. Not the first time I met her, and certainly not when I spotted her in the arms of another man. — I wanted her to feel our pain. I wanted her to suffer. Worse, I wanted her. Lily (Captive to the Dark, Special Edition) Lily. She was my gift. A reward for all the years of hard work Id suffered through. Her fear excited me. Her fight...seduced me. From the beginning, I wanted to keep her. I knew there was no other woman for me. When she was taken, I vowed to get her back. There was nothing that would stop me.
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