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How is it possible to fit so much cuteness in one slim volume? Someday Ill actually make one of these cute dolls instead of just entertaining myself by looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions:When you shake them, their arms bounce back and forth, bongo bongo bongo. Thats why theyre called Bongo Bear and Bongo Bunny and Bongo Panda. Not because theyre actual drummers or anything.(24)Pig used to be fat until quite recently. But Pig walked down a long, straight road and lost some weight. Hes no longer fat. More like medium-sized. If you want to lose weight too, you should also walk down a long, straight road, oink.(28)Ugh...were totally beat. We just cant seem to get motivated. Oh, well. Are we going to become lazy bums? I guess it cant be helped. And why shouldnt we?(36, Unmotivated Kids)
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