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“When will I see him again? And why do I want to so badly?”Ben Lakeland owns a failing record store in small-town Welling, New York, and its the last place he wants to be. Everything used to be easy: watching football with his frat buddies, drinking beer, and being popular in school. But at 24 years old, everyone else seems to have grown up but Ben. Each day the same: work, run, eat, and sleep, all on his own. Until he meets Julian. Everything changes when the mysterious and intriguing new customer enters his store. Who is this man who looks like he walked straight out of a rock band, with his tattoos, leather jacket, and icy blue eyes? And more importantly, why cant Ben stop thinking about him?“Would you ever do something like that? You know… kiss a guy?”Julian Hart just wanted to start fresh. Dumped by his last boyfriend in New York City, he thought Welling would be different - he could focus on pursuing his master’s degree without the constant anxiety of dating. But theres only one shop in town to feed his endless record collecting habit, and a friendly, muscular jock works the front counter. Why is he so nice to Julian? And why cant Julian seem to stop his habit of crushing hard on gorgeous straight guys?“Can you come home with me? I just don’t want to be alone tonight…”The two men cant stay away from one another, and as hard as they try, their feelings arent going away. Ben struggles to navigate what his attraction to Julian might mean. Julian knows he cant have Ben—and thats exactly why he wants him so bad. Julian agrees to help Ben try to save the record store. But business and music are quickly forgotten when the two of them discover things they didn’t think were possible.-----Breaking the Record is a 70,000 word slow-burn, steamy, emotional MM romance, with a first time gay story and mild hurt/comfort - HEA ending guaranteed.
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