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(view spoiler)[40 - The The Winged Bird Brothers attack. When one of them injures Kagerou, Recca uses a new kind of flame that made him think of Nadare, one of the dragons.41 - Recca summons his eight dragons in order to train. Meanwhile, Kurei proposes to host Ura Butou Satsujin, an illegal underground fighting tournament.42 - Fuuko convinces Domon to train together so they can help Recca. They meet up with Mikagami in the mountains where they run into a dog that starts talking. It delivers a message from Kurei, inviting them to the Ura Butou Satsujin. Recca shows up with two names tattooed on his bicep--he now has the power of two dragons: Saiha gives him a flame blade, and Nadare shoots fireballs.43 - The gang arrive at the Satsujin arena where they meet other competitors. They are pressured into putting Yanagi up as a prize to any team that beats them.44 - Team Hokage fights first in Division A against Team Kuu whose leader Recca has befriended earlier. First round is Mikagami vs Daikoku.45 - Daikoku wields a bo staff with agility and speed. However, Mikagami counters with the same speed, accurately stopping its spinning, mastering Daikokus moves, and eventually destroying the staff.46 - Mikagami wins the first round. Second round is Domon vs Minamio, whose body is soft and stretchable like rubber, rendering Domons strong punches useless. When it seems like Domon is losing, he takes out his secret weapon: the Kuchibashi from one of the winged idiots that attacked the Hokage hideout. He takes Minamio down, but collapses as well. The round is a draw.47 - Third round is Fuuko vs Fujimaru. He is a pervert and fast with his sickles and manages to rip Fuukos clothes. Fuuko combines her Fuujin with the Onitsume, the crystal from one of the winged idiots metal claw weapon. This gives her Kazetsume, Wolverine-like claws made of wind. Fujimaru fights dirty by attacking Fuuko when her back is turned.48 - Fuukos wind claws separate from the Fuujin and stabs Fujimaru in the back, defeating him.49 - Fourth round is Recca vs Saicho. He is kind and bandages Fuukos wounds before the fight. He uses a Shiki Gami, which lets him control paper. (hide spoiler)]
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