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Book description
SHE COULDNT LET HIM GOWidowed and alone as the Civil War raged around her, ebony-haired Andrea Winslow was relieved when Jesse Winslow, her brother-in-law-and first love--arrived at Willow Banks farm. But when be told her be intended to sell the farm and head back to Montana, she trembled with fury. Andrea was determined to make a go of the farm, or die trying. But how could she stay mad at Jesse when his kiss made her shudder with desire and his touch melted her heart in ecstasy? Somehow, shed find a way to keep the farm and Jesse too...starting tonight!HE COULDNT LEAVE HER BEHINDCorn! Acre upon acre of the darned stuff! Jesse Winslow couldnt stand farming; thats why hed left six years before and headed for Montana. And hed head right back there, as soon as he could unload the family farm and find a husband for his brothers poor little widow. But when be looked into Andreas violet eyes, tantalizing memories came flooding back until all Jesse wanted was to bold her in his arms and stroke her creamy curves until she begged for mercy, then claim her in passions ultimate embrace....over and over again!
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