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Katie and Conner meet at the wedding of their best friends, Shana and Jake. Jake is the Alpha in the pack of wolf shifters, while Conner is his second in command. Katies on edge, and if shes honest with herself, a little jealous of her best friend Shana. Shana cant seem to keep her paws off her new, and very handsome, husband. And while Katie is attracted to the hot surfer looking best man whose been watching her all night, she has always taken care of herself. Conner has been looking for his fated mate...forever. When he finds her standing next to the Alpha female, in the sexiest red dress hes ever seen—not to mention the erotic black four inch heals; he has trouble keeping his distance. By the end of the night Katie and Conner have danced, drank quite a bit...and had hot, steamy sex.So why does Conner, newly mated, wake up alone in bed…without his mate?
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