where can I download Scale of a Dragon by J. Michael Radcliffe (Goodreads Author) tom portable german direct link online

Book description
J. Michael Radcliffe’s short story Scale of a Dragon is a great peek into a fantasy realm I hadn’t visited before. The main character in the story is a young woman named Callen who lives alone in the woods with her very ill-tempered and extremely harsh father. One day, something very big and very magical crashes into the snowy forest outside their house, and because of Callen’s compassion and magic skills, her life changes irrevocably.The relationship between Callen and her father is the dark center of the tale, and the turn it takes towards the end provided a huge payoff for me. Definitely not a sweet and easy happily-ever-after, but something better than that.I haven’t yet read any of the novels or other stories set in Radcliffes Beyond The Veil series, but this short story introduces the world easily and smoothly: you don’t need any forehand knowledge to read this story. It also whets the appetite for more of Radcliffe’s tales.Radcliffe’s writing is clear and vivid. You immediately get a feel for the characters in the story, the world they inhabit, and you can sense that there is a depth and richness behind and beneath it all: there is obviously a wealth of history, culture, other lives and tales, and a vast fantasy realm to explore beyond this short story.
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