I don't make beans on toast like you do.

This recipe changes everything.



1 x Normal tin of Heinz beans

2 x Slices of brown/granary bread

1/2 x Red onion chopped finely

2 x Cloves of garlic

1 x Chilli (medium hot)

1 x Small pack of lardons

Handful of grated mozzarella cheese

Some oil

Some pepper

Some salt

Some cayenne pepper

Some butter



Non stick frying pan on medium heat, dash of oil in, chop your onion finely and add to the pan. Stick your lardons in and flip around a bit. Keep an eye on that heat, we are looking for crispy golden brown onions and pig - not wet and underdone neither should it be blacker than space.

Crush the garlic into the pan, chop the chilli up real fine and add, season and add cayenee pepper, keep it moving and watch the chilli go soft.

Open the beans!

Add the beans to the pan and flip around a bit making sure they get mixed with the goodness you have just made. Keep the heat on medium and let the magic happen as the bean juice thickens. Keep it moving by flipping not stirring - we want nice whole beans not mush.

Stick your bread in the toaster.

Grill on.

Butter the toast, now the beans should be nice and thick, pour onto the toast and chuck a hand of cheese on. Slip under the grill. Watch for exposed toast edges - they will burn (cover them with beans). Grill for 3 minutes.

With oven mitts remove the plate and eat the amazingness in front of you. This tastes almost mexicanish/burrito land. It costs bugger all and can be made with stuff from a connivence store.