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The book I read to research this post was Lonely Planet Denmark which is an excellent book which I bought from kindle. This book is a travel guide to Denmark and it covers the country region by region. Much of the book is about the capital Copenhagen which has a population of 1.2 million & 10 michellin rated restaurants. Noma was the highest ranked restaurant in the world in 2010 & 2011. Scandinavia is enjoying a bit of a culinary renaissance and there are many exciting young chefs putting this area on the map. In Copenhagen many people visit Christiana which is an old army base the local young people have declared as a country within a country. The government is trying to make them buy the land if they want to go independent and given them until 2018 to do so due to economic pressure on the government. You do see people openly selling cannabis and hash in Christiana but the selling of hard drugs has been clamped down upon by the Danish police. Esjberg is the newest city in Denmark and has grown rapidly due to the oil & fishing industries. There is a ferry from Harwich in England to Esjberg. Aarhus is Denmarks second city and has an interesting museum. Ryanair do flights from London Stansted to Aarhus and it used to be called Arhus for a while but a while back the locals decided to revert to its original name. Rige has the oldest cathedral in this country dating back to around the 1st millenium. For more adventurous people you can visit Swedens 3rd city Malmo which is a 35 minute train ride via the huge underground tunnel that rivals the channel tunnel from copenhagen. In the far north of Denmark there is a point where the North Sea meets the Baltic. The Baltic tends to be a degree or two warmer than the North Sea.More recently also the tv series The killing which is mostly filmed in Copenhagen has helped make Denmark an interesting tourist destination.
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