Quaker Quest

First Friends Meeting of Greensboro, NC

Have you wondered about Quakers? Our beliefs, practices? How we worship? Perhaps you've even wondered, could I be a Quaker? (Curious about how your beliefs align with different denominations? Try the Beliefomatic.)

Quaker Quest brings Friends (another name for Quakers) and the curious together to learn about what our faith has to say to a world in need. It's a safe, comfortable way to find out why the values of a relatively small religious denomination influence service, politics, and community life. It's an opportunity to learn how faith and intellect can co-exist, and animate our understanding of the divine.

Would you like to attend Quaker Quest along with author Phil Gulley?

There is no cost and no commitment beyond your time. January 25-26 First Friends will host a series of sessions on the Quaker way. If you have questions, simply email us at office@firstfriendsmeeting.org or call 336-299-8869.


Saturday January 25
7 pm Story telling and reflection with Phil Gulley

Sunday January 26
"Living the Quaker Way" Day - with Phil Gulley & First Friends
9 am Unprogrammed worship
10 am Forum on Quaker Testimonies with Phil & First Friends members
11 am Meeting for Worship, Phil will bring the message
12 pm Lunch - please RSVP if you plan on staying for lunch. Email office@firstfriendsmeeting.org.
1-3 pm Forum on Living the Quaker Way with Phil. Responses by First Friends members

Read an interview with Phil Gulley about his book, Living the Quaker Way.

About First Friends Meeting

First Friends Meeting is an inclusive Quaker Meeting where all are welcome. We serve the Greensboro, NC community.

Telephone: 336-299-8869
Email: office@firstfriendsmeeting.org