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From bestselling storyteller Julianne MacLean comes the passionate saga of three Highland warriors sworn to fight for freedom, honor—and the women they love...Night of ConquestWith his tawny mane, battle-hewn brawn, and ferocious roar, Angus The Lion MacDonald is the most fearsome warrior Lady Gwendolen has ever seen—and she is his most glorious conquest. Captured in a surprise attack on her fathers castle, Gwendolen is now forced to share her bed with the man who defeated her clan. But, in spite of Anguss overpowering charms, she refuses to surrender her innocence without a fight.Prisoner of PassionWith her stunning beauty, bold defiance, and brazen smile, Gwendolen is the most infuriating woman Angus has ever known—and the most intoxicating. Forcing her to become his bride will unite their two clans. But conquering Gwendolens heart will take all his skills as a lover. Night after night, his touch sets her on fire. Kiss after kiss, his hunger fuels her passion. But, as Gwendolens body betrays her growing love for Angus, a secret enemy plots to betray them both.
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