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BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE COLLECTION This book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited Program Alpha Billionaires: A Billionaire Romance Collection This is a 4 book Billionaire Romance collection that contains over 30,000 words of passion. In this collection you will find BBW, Menage, Young adult and werewolf sexy Billionaires stories will take your breath away: Billionaire Desires: A Menage Billionaire Romance Story Bradford Montgomery is more than your average playboy billionaire—he’s THE playboy billionaire. No one can throw a party like he can, and women line up just to touch him. Known for his predilection for having every man’s dream of two women at one time, only one woman is bold enough to challenge him and make her own demands. How dare this silly woman tell him ‘no’? Her Billionaire Obsession: A Billionaire Romance Story Billionaire Alexander Cranz has everything in life, including the big mouth and big ego that goes along with his fortune. Elizabeth Stone is his polar opposite and his least valued employee. She’s perhaps the only woman brave enough to speak her mind to the boss—and perhaps the only woman the “superstar” Alexander hasn’t slept with, since Elizabeth isn’t fooled by his womanizing ways. With the money and vacation time he’s offering, Elizabeth can’t say no, but how long can she keep up the act? How long can she stand his boorish manners and movie star-like ego before she gets fed up and ruin the business deal? And most of all, how can she resist her “husband” Alexander’s gorgeous face and irresistible body since he represents everything that’s wrong with men, but at the same time, makes her feel an uncontrollable attraction and desire? Taken By The Billionaire: BBW Werewolf Romance Donna’s a 24-year-old beautiful red-haired woman. She’s been unlucky in love, which she puts down to her curvy figure, as most men seem to prefer the perfect hourglass silhouette of a woman. On her way to a boring conference one day, Donna happens to meet Paul. Paul’s a sexy 30-year-old with a slim and toned physique, short black hair and amazingly pale green eyes. They fall for each other instantly. As Donna gets to know Paul she discovers that he’s a man steeped in mystery and shrouded in secrets. Is he too much of an enigma for Donna? Or does this puzzling side of his character entice her in deeper? Will that enigma allow Donna open her heart and life to Paul? And will Paul trust her enough to reveal his inner self to her? The Billionaire Heir: A Billionaire Romance Story Drew Franklin is a busy entrepreneur with a pending billionaire inheritance from his father. He loves his work and unfortunately, Drew has been taken advantage of because most of the women he’s dated are only interested in his money. At the art fund raiser, Drew suddenly receives a message that his bank account has been compromised. He suspects that Delphine is somehow involved and is desperate to find out and recover his money. As the mystery unfolds, he meets the lovely Zena inside the fund-raiser event. She is like a breath of fresh air for Drew as instant passion and a strong connection sparks between them. Will Drew be able to recover his money and find true love? Or will he be just another victim of an organized plan to steal all his money? Dont miss out this amazing Billionaire Collection and get a copy of Alpha Billionaires NOW!! Warn
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