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Crowboy is going to school for the very first time, and hes scared. So scared that when he wakes up he feels as bad as a mean old rattlesnake. When he slithers around the bus, girls scream and boys try to kick him. Thats okay. Rattlesnakes are used to kicks and screams. Also, rattlesnakes dont eat hot dogs, so he gives his lunch away to a girl who asks for it. On the second day of school the girl has something for him&150something rattlesnakes love to eat. Who knew a big bag of bugs could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship? A unique take on back-to-school worries, this rattlesnake will reassure kids that friends are out there for the making, no matter how slithery you might feel.
The Rattlesnake Who Went to School by Craig Kee Strete (Goodreads Author) doc free full selling book

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