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From this I learned about Anaxo (abducted by Theseus from Troezen); Medusas hair (given to Sterope by Heracles to protect Tegea, Arcadia); reminded of Kairos, brother to Areion...`Adrastos, son of Talaus, son of Kretheeus, the very first of the Danai to drive his famous horses, swift Kairos and Areion of Thelpousa, whom near the grove of Apollon Ogkaios, Gaia (Earth) herself sent up, a marvel for mortals to see. Also about Polydamna, wife of Thon, Egyptian king, giving the herb nepenthe (a medicine for sorrow, literally an anti-depressant – a drug of forgetfulness) to Helen. And a few more things too, some accurate, some not.
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