So we're two weeks in and honestly this Seedcamp USA trip has been crazy. Four mentoring days, dozens of company visit and even more VC pitches on top of all the elevator pitches we've done so far.

After a very stressing few days in Brussels and London (Fred's girlfriend washed his passport 24 hours before our departure) we touched ground in New York, settled in at our hotel and had our first dinner with the entire Seedcamp crew. Getting to know everyone, we were really impressed  by the quality of the other Seedcamp companies and how skilled these entrepreneurs are. The two smart guys from Transferwise for instance found a way to make interntional money transfers 10 times cheaper than the regular way. This would have saved us quite some money on booking our flights for this trip.

Kristofer from Holvi, another "banker" from the Seedcamp group, amazed us with the user interface of his service. Him and his co-founders are revolutionizing online banking by enabling you to manage your banking activities and bookkeeping in the same place. Looking at the established banks back home struggling to keep up with technology (and image), it's easy to see the enormous potential of startups like Holvi, Transferwise or Bilbus - another great seedcamp company.

Although our schedule was quite full in NY, we spent a lot of time walking from one meeting to another, which gave us the opportunity to do some sightseeing. In Boston we didn't get that chance, as we were there for only two days and the weather was sh*t. The Estonians amongst Seedcamp had the great idea to celebrate their country's independence day, the night before taking off to SF. So we got drunk, Pierre didn't wake up in time the next morning and Fred managed to forget his bag (laptop and passport included) at the pub. Thanks Pult for putting Vodka in our beers! But it all worked out well.

Appearently people don't steal abandoned bags with laptops and money inside in Boston and we were able to take a late flight which gave us a day to catch up on a lot of delayed work. 

After a few nights at another hotel in SF, we decided to join our pals from Qminder at the Startup House - a hostel and co-working space for startups visiting SF. Sal, our brother from another mother (or colleague from another startup) joined us soon after, which resulted in long brainstorming sessions about the future of checkthis and his company Their mission is to help you find the right person , based on their skills with what they call an open skill-graph. They're launching soon, and we're super exited to try it out, because the screenshots we've seen are damn sexy. So if you want a job at checkthis, you know where to be.

SF and Silicon Valley is were most billion dollar companies have their HQs and in one week, we've visited most of them. Just to list a few: Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Orrick, Dropbox, ... and we still have names like Facebook and Microsoft on our schedule for this week. Besides bizznizz, we hung out with the local Belgian crew, especially with our friends at Storify, spending a day driving around SF with Vinch and Sandra, and chilling at the beach with Xavier and Caro. 

This has been an amazing experience for us so far. Massive respect to Kirsten, Reshma, Philipp and Carlos from Seedcamp, working their asses off to get all of us to meet the right people and mentoring us on several aspects of fund raising. We're looking forward to the 2 weeks we have left to travel around with the Seedcamp crew. They've all been extremely helpful, giving feedback on our product and pitch and it's always good fun to hang out with them.

This really is what we love most about Seedcamp, the team spirit and friendships we've built over the last two weeks. Glad that many of them have good leads for funding and partnerships, here in the states.