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Welcome to the Inner Beauty Pageant Contestant Page! Family and friends can sponsor a contestant ($15.00) by visiting our donation portal Don't forget to indicate the NAME of the contestant you wish to sponsor in the given DONATION MESSAGE BOX. With a $15.00 sponsorship, a contestant will receive their Inner Beauty Pageant Bracelet or Pin. Check this page every month to follow our contestants and their outstanding acts of Inner a Beauty!

1st Inner BEauty Activity: Aleisha allen

Maria May

Born in Spain and raised in New York, Maria May is an aspiring singer, dancer, model actor and photographer. As a proud member of Actors Equity, SAG-AFTRA and AGVA, Maria has worked professionally and independtly in the arts. May is an Honored Choir Member of the St. Malachy's Actors' Chapel Adult Choir and uses her talents and spiritual faith to work in her community. Currently she is raising funds to donate to Children's Cancer Research Organizations in New York and she also participates as a story board writer and actor in Javanna Productions' new mini series for teen girls, 'RED', premiering in February 2014. Maria speaks Georgian, Spanish and English and she's a competitive ice skater. Maria's first Inner Beauty Activity is COMPLETED! Check out the video below
Maria and Myla (see below) are co-writers of a new miniseries entitled RED. The first episode calls attention to the pressures of under aged drinking. Together, Maria Plan to write and produce the series commenting on the social challenges young girls face in school on a daily basis.

Myla Marino

Myla Marino is a 13 year old aspiring actress that attneds the United Nations International School in New York, NY. She speaks fluently in English, Italian and Spanish and enjoys acting, singing, dancing, photography and creative writing. For fun, Myla bakes and cooks for her friends and family and she loves going to the beach. Myla is a member of her church choir and she also participates in a musical theater community service group that performs for sick children in hospitals. Marino is also participates as a story board writer and actor in Javanna Productions' new mini series for teen girls, 'RED', premiering in February 2014. Her main goal is to continue to help others through community service and art.
Myla and Maria (see above) are co-writers of a new miniseries entitled RED. The first episode calls attention to the pressures of under aged drinking. Together, Maria Plan to write and produce the series commenting on the social challenges young girls face in school on a daily basis.

Kylie smith

Kylie Smith is 11 years old and she's from Atlanta, GA. In addition to her outstanding grades and participation in school Kylie is a practices gymnastics every day and choreographs gymnastics routines with her sister. She also loves to ski and get down and dirty on the soccer field.
Her favorite foods are fish and chips (not necessarily together). Kylie considers herself a girly girl and a sports queen. She also loves to write and she loves to ride horses.

Anya Smith

Anya Smith was born in NYC and moved to Atlanta, Georgia at a young age. As a lover academics and a mathmatician, Anya has over 200 digits of pie (3.14...) memorized. She has been practicing gymnastics since she could stand on her two little feet and she has been, and forever will be in love with "mango anything". Anya enjoys doing theatre and has been playing the flute for 9 years.

Carsyn Langhorn

Carsyn Langhorn is 12 years old. She enjoys school, especially reading and Spanish. Her favorite sport is basketball. She has been playing since she was 4 years old. Carsyn is a point guard. Carsyn loves riding her bicycle, electric scooter and listening to music.

Alisa pleasant

My name is Alisa Pleasant and I am 16 years old. I would describe myself as a fun loving and bubbly person. My hobbies include playing the saxophone, shopping, and hanging out with friends. My future plans are to become a speech therapist and help people that have difficulties speaking. I love fashion and the beauty industry. I believe life is all about having fun and making the best out of every moment in life. Alisa's first Inner Beauty activity is COMPLETED! Check out the video below!
Alisa is looking forward to giving back to her community through photography. By putting together and distributing a collection of photos capturing the beauty of our natural world, Alisa will encourage members of her community to take care of the environment. " If you love a flower don't pick it up. If you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession, it's about appreciation." - Osho

Madeline Windland

Madeline Windland, 13, is the youngest of three sisters. Madeline is very creative and loves to film and edit videos on her Mac. In 6th grade she played Adelaide in "Guys & Dolls" and last year she played Annie in her school's production of "Annie". Now, Madeline is very interested in photography and hopes to attend a professional performing arts school majoring in photography and film.


The GEMS (Girls Exemplifying Meeks Spirits) is comprised of young girls ages 6-15 from Brookkyn, NY. The GEMS like to call themselves Christian Fashionistas. In addition to their interests in fashion, sprituality, step dancing and nail painting the GEMS enjoy giving back to their community. They are currently in the fundraising stages of building their Christian Fashionistas clothing line to benefit Girls in the Autism community. Girls in the GEMS also like to have sleepovers, dance, conduct bible studies and create colorful bracelets for their friends and family. The a GEMS are participating in the 1st Annual Inner Beauty Pageant as a group. The GEMS have completed their first inner beauty activity! Check out the image below!
The GEMS are on a mission to begin their own fashion line entitled Christian Fashionistas. They seek to cater specifically to Autistic girls creating customized fashionable accessories for their birthdays. The girls have delegated positions for operating the Christian Fashionistas brand and they are looking forward to getting started with the help of M.O.V.E.

Claire Maceda

Claire Maceda is 17 years old and is a professional TV and film actress. Claire enjoys giving back to her community through artistic performance. Ms. Maceda loves fashion and enjoys putting together unique outfits that combine fashion elements from the past 60 decades. Claire is an actress and contemporary choreographer. In the coming years, she hopes to inform students about social issues through the arts with Javanna Productions, M.O.V.E. Claire is also a featured actress in 'RED' premiering on February 2014.

Kyra thompson

Kyra Thompson is 12 years old. She is an outstanding planner and organizer that enjoys hosting events with the Florida members of M.O.V.E. When she grows up, Kyra wants to move to NY and become a dramatic actress. She enjoys going to church with her family and singing spiritual songs and hymns. Kyla also enjoys singing folk and pop music and is currently working on her song writing skills.

Noa genazzano

Noa Genazzaon is a dancer on scholarship at Alvin Ailey in NYC. Native of Barcelona, Spain she is fluent in in english, spanish, catalan and French. She is also a singer and musician that loves to cook. Noa is the Junior Vice President of Javanna Productions M.O.V.E. and has served as an outstanding member of the organization since 2009.

Isaiah taylor

Isaiah Taylor is a member of the Church of Christ and a straight A student. As an academically gifted and talented member if the National Honor Society, Isaih serves as an outstanding presence in his community. His hobbies and extracurricular activities include, competitive gymastics, basketball, baseball and football.

Alexis taylor

Alexis Taylor is a member of the Church of Christ and a straight A AP student. Straight A student. In addition to her regular academic schedule, Alexis is a dual credit College course student and a member of The National Honor Society. Her hobbies and extracurricular activities include cheerleading, All Star Competitive Cheer, track and field, dance, choreography, knitting and drawing.

Amber putnam

Amber Putnam is a 9 year old dancer, singer, actor, and tumbler from Denver, Colorado. She has been dancing, singing, acting, and tumbling since she was 2 years old. She loves to perform and has had leading roles inmany productions, including Peter Pan, Annie, Little Mermaid, Hercules, Cinderella, High School Musical, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Grease, Nutcracker, Madagascar, Wizard of OZ, Little Rascals, Bye Bye Birdie, and Sound of Music.When Amber isn’t on the stage, she loves to play with her American Girl dolls and make crafts. She is very artistic and enjoys drawing and painting pictures. Amber attends an online school and is a very good student.
Amber Putnam is a triple threat performer and uses her talent to uplift the spirits of her neighbors. Amber performs in the community quite frequently in nursing homes, community festivals and benefit fundraisers.

Catherine Madden

Catherine Madden's birthday is October 29th, which is one of the first things she will tell you about herself. The second thing she will tell you is that she is 15 years old. She will also mention that she is on instagram, as Catherinerainbowrockstar and that her EP is coming out any minute and that you should follow her. She is kind, fun, funny and incredibly loving. She sees the best in people and she brings out even better. Catherine likes to mainline on you tube watching the band Cimorelli and fashion tutorials. She has her own brand of fashion, which includes pulling one of every color and combining it with ten of every pattern and texture. This applies to every facet of her life, most noticeably clothing, but people as well. She collects friends and blends people. Her friends become friends because they know Catherine and that is the common thread. It is a strong thread. Catherine truly believes we are all woven together and become a big giant quilt - patchy, colorful and wrapped loved. Catherine's 1st activitiy of the Inner Beauty Pageant is COMPLETE!! Check out the video below!
Catherine would like to use her taletns to support Dancing Dreams. Dancing Dreams is a dance organization that gives children with physical challenges the chance to dance. In order to help young girls feel good about themselves and raise funds for Dancing Dreams, Catherine put her own inspirational quotes on clothing and fashion accessories. "I am going to be as pretty as myself"
- Catherine Madden

Grant johnsoN

Grant Johnson is 14 years old and enjoys learning about sea and land animals. He can name over 150 land animals and 80 sea animals. Grant has memorized three Martin Luther King Jr. speeches including "I have a dream"' and "I've been to the Mountain Top". Grant enjoys swimming and playing the drums. His favorite style of music is classical jazz and his favorite food is pizza. 1st activity of the Inner Beauty Pageant is COMPLETED! Check out the video below.
Grant is an ESE student that falls on the Autism spectrum. His school curriculum consists of special education and mainstream classes. Throughout 2013, Grant began to memorize Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches from the Civil Rights movement and recently recited an excerpt from King's "I Have A Dream" speech at his school's Black History Month Assembly. As a leading member of Javanna Productions' M.O.V.E. For Autism, Grant will use his talents to encourage ESE students nation-wide. At this Black History Month assembly, Grant convinced many struggling ESE students that they too can be extraordinary people despite their disabilities.

Zoe considine

Zoe Considine is a singer, dancer and actor in NYC and lives in NJ. She is 13 years old and has performed in a CHRISTMAS STORY, The Musical on Broadway and wants to be a part of the Godpsell Cast of 2032. She loves fashion and is taking classes at Fashion Institute Of Technology. Also Owner of Mackensi and Zoe Exquisite Headpieces. Zoe's 1st Inner Beauty Activity is COMPLETED!
Zoe Considine is a working musical theater actress and plays Janie in direct Brandon Ivie's new musical miniseries, "The Hinterlands". Check out this outstanding episode of the miniseries that provides adolescents with a new way to confront bullying in school. Hinterlands the Musical, responds to the issue of gay bullying in a way that would help kids like Paul understand that they're incredibly valuable members of our human community and that they are inherently worthy of love and compassion. By watching Paul's journey to discover how to cope with the day-to-day bullying he faces, teens can gain strength and be inspired to overcome their own obstacles. Zoe wants to give back to her community by participating in films that are sociall responsible.

tiffany Wilson

Tiffany Wilson is an 11 year old native of NJ. She is a talented athlete who plays tennis, runs track and made it to the the junior Olympics for high jump in her first season. Is an excellent student with and outstanding academic drive. In her spare time, she loves to read and aspires to be the next big tennis star. Tiffany's 1st Inner Beauty Pageant Activity is COMPLETED!!! Check out her video below.
Tiffany loves to read and seeks to give back to her community by hosting story time sessions for younger kids. She entertains kids with her outstanding character voices and also encourages them to pick up books at the library for their personal reading. Way to go Tiffany!!

AidEn palmer

Aiden 'Pants' Palmer is a bundle of energy, and wants the world to know that he's four and a HALF! Not just four. Aiden prides himself on breakdancing and Michael Jackson impersonations. Aiden isn't shy about showing his love for others, or expressing his (many) opinions. His life goal is to make sure that we live in a world free of bad guys. Aiden hopes that God, Mommy, and Spider-man will help him reach his goals. Aiden's first Inner Beauty activity is COMPLETED!! Watch the video below.
Aiden is a Karate Master!! He plans to give back to his community by sharing his love for Karate. Aiden is such a cool dude and he learns how to behave in his community by attending Karate class every week. Check out the video!!!

Gabrielle zimmerman

Gabrielle Zimmerman is a 16 year old sophomore at Cherry Hill East High School (“East”) in Cherry Hill, NJ. She is the #3 Singles Tennis player on the Varsity Tennis team at East High a School and was recently selected on the All-South Jersey Conference team. Gabrielle also loves to dance, play the piano, sing in front of large audiences. At 10-years-old, Gabrielle auditioned at Radio City Music Hall and booked a job to sing at the U.S. Tennis Open. The following year, she opened for Carole King at the Women's Tennis Finals. Her first Off-Broadway was "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” at the Hudson Guild Theater in New York, NY. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, a gluten intolerance, Gabrielle desires to become a dietician and help people with similar food or other allergies. "Despite the challenges I face everyday, I make it my mission to try my very hardest in anything I do and always give 110% effort." -Gabrielle's 1st Inner Beauty Activity is COMPLETE!! Check out the video below!
Gabrielle is using her video editing skills to inform consumers about the harmful effects of GMOs in our everyday grocery store purchases. Gabrielle wants to make her community aware of what is happening in the food industry. This MOVER Is informing consumers about what they are buying and educating them about the content of their foods through documentary film making.

Xavier Newell

Xavier Jamari Newellis 7 years old and loves bowling. He has 4 older sisters and he loves playing video games with them. He recently reached tea Just Dance High score and is really great at playing the wii. in addition to his bowling championship, Xavier is an outstanding soccer player. He likes to be called Anthony Miles.

Shereen pimEntel

Shereen is a 15-year-old sophomore that lives in New Jersey. She enjoys singing, dancing and acting. When she was 9 years old she had the amazing opportunity of performing on Broadway, when she was cast to play Young Nala in the Lion King. Since then she continues to pursue her love of musical theater and has been involved in many community theater regional productions. She is currently attending The Juilliard School as a vocal major in the pre-college program. She is also a member of her schools Jr. Varsity Pom Dance Team. She lives by the motto – Dance like there ‘s nobody watching; Love like you’ll never get hurt; Sing like there’snobody listening; Live like it’s heaven on earth.

Danielle Kellman

Danielle Kellman is 17 years old and is Sag-Aftra Eligible. She is a positive upbeat person and loves to make people laugh and enjoys sharing her love of performing with others. She grew up in South Florida and recently moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career. She attends John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California and is in the Musical Theater and Photography program. She began her training in theater and dance and has additional training in Film and T.V. She has performed in theatrical productions such as The King and I where she played Prince Chulalongkorn and Eliza and The Sound of Music where she played Louisa. She was a pre-show dancer for a live concert featuring Ciara and Omarian. She has also acted in several short films. She is a volunteer with the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission an organization that provides shelter for families that are homeless.

Lauren Gerlowski

Lauren has been dancing all her life in The Woodlands Texas at Boni's Performing Arts Center. Until age 16, when she pursued her dream to dance professionally. She then moved to New York City, where she is currently a Jazz and Contemporary Trainee at the Joffrey Ballet School. Lauren's 1st activity of the Inner Beauty Pageant is COMPLETED! Check out the video below.
"Inspired by the recent brutalities in Venezuela I created a concept video about how the government is abusing the peaceful protesters". - Lauren Gerlowski

Elisse Howard

Elise is 7 years old and her favorite color is Pink. She likes Hello Kitty and she's very thankful for her friends and family. She says, "they always have my back"! Elisse loves to tell jokes and dance for her family and her mom says that she's a diva! You think she may be into glitz and glamour but she aspires to be a pediatrician when she grows up!

Marcella barry

Marcela Barry, 17 years old is a Senior at the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan where she majors in Vocal. She is an accomplished piano player and has been writing her own lyrics and music since the age of 10. Marcela is a proud member of the Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company and starred in the ensembles original play KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. She played the role of Mariam in Joss Whedon’s When I Speak performed at Equality Now’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. Marcela also played the role of “Julie” in the Fringe Festival award winning play, SLUT.

Regan sims

Regan Sims is a senior drama major at the Professional Performing Arts School. She has been performing for over ten years and some of her credits include: Caucasian Chalk Circle(Lead Narrator), Anon(ymous) (Zyclo’s Bird), The Good Times are Killing Me (Elvin), Romeo and Juliet (Assistant Director) and much more. Regan has participated in many spoken word competitions around the city. In 2010 and 2011, she won a regional title in Poetry Out Loud’s national recitation competition. Regan is currently competing in the National Shakespeare Competition where she has advanced to the state level. When she is not working in the theater, she spends her time doing community service with her friends, writing poetry and watching movies.


Rhyanna cash

.Rhyanna loves to read, dance, and sing. She enjoys dance and music instruction; as well as, attending Broadway shows like Mary Poppins, Annie, and Matilda. She is learning to play tennis and one of her inspirations of course is Serena Williams and her "can't quit attitude." Rhyanna loves her school and church. She aspires to someday become a pediatrician; so needless to say she still enjoys the cartoon 'Doc McStuffins'. Rhyanna is also a big advocate for Anti-Bullying and firmly believes God created us all with His beauty inside of us--its just up to us to find it and inspire others to find theirs.

Claire Jones

My name is Claire Jones and im am 16 years old. I am a singer, dancer and actor in New york city. Im am 1/3 of a girl group called Love Jones Girlz. We have performed the nation anthem for the NY knicks at madison square garden, Authur Ashe kids day for the U.S. Open, and more! I pride myself on being someone with extreme drive and determination when is comes to anything. I aspire to be an successful entertainer and inspiration to other girls who are just like me!