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AN UNTAMED WOMAN... A FEARLESS MAN... A MAGNIFICENT LOVE. THE MONUNENTAL ADVENTURE THAT SWEEPS ACROSS A MIGHTY CENTURY OF AMERICAN HISTORY.The first time Gavin Ramsay sees Tessa MacLeod y Amarista -- a violet-eyed beauty swimming naked in a hidden pool--she reacts by attacking him with a knife. Realizing her mistake, she nurses him back to health and into a deep, enduring and courageous love. Together, despite tremendous obstacles Gavin and Tessa pursue their golden dream--they tame the land, raise a family, and reap great wealth and power. A vast empire is theirs, yet greater still is the magnificent family dynasty they have begun--a dynasty that will flourish on their firm foundation of love.Passionate, colorful and peopled with unforgettable characters, The Proud Breed vividly re-creates Californias exciting past, from the wild country to the pirated coast, from gambling dens to lavish ballrooms, from the rush for gold to the triumph of statehood.
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