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I found this book very helpful in showing the problems with a government that only accepts one religion as the right religion, even if that religion is Christianity. When the church serves the needs of the state and state serves the needs of the church, the true definition of the church is lost, church discipline becomes irrelevant, and people are coerced into adopting Christianity. I was reminded that Christendom from Augustine through the Reformation and into the New World failed to allow dissenting voices and to define the church as a community of the redeemed.I had read one of his other books, The Reformers and Their Stepchildren, in seminary and found that to be eye-opening as well. This book has some overlapping material from that one, but this work tells the larger tale of the consequences of a church and state that act on each others behalf.
The Anatomy Of A Hybrid: A Study In Church State Relationships by Leonard Verduin free english txt how to store

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