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maaagNIficent! if you love utahs amazing scenery and want to understand the history of how it came to be and gain a detailed knowledge of the various formations youre looking at now, then this is the book for you, baby! the myriad color maps & photos really bring this book to life and aid the reader in her quest to uncover the secrets behind all of utahs unique and beautiful geologic masterpieces.i wanted to read this book because i was mainly interested in the colorado plateau region. but i soon discovered that the basin and range and mountainous high country areas are just as fascinating in their historical evolution, with rocks older than the bottom of the grand canyon in some places...far out!savor this book and you will come away with an even deeper appreciation for not only utahs breathtaking national parks & monuments, but all those other roadside places that perhaps formerly you may have overlooked...but now realize just how remarkable they really are!
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