please tell me whence Echoes of the White Giraffe by Sook Nyul Choi mobi online reading

Book description
Sookan, who is now fifteen, is becoming older. And with age, comes responsibility. Her mother always tells her not to mess up or people will say things hurtful comments. They will say she [Sookan] is like that because she doesnt have a father or older brothers. At school, Sookan joins a singing group, there she meets Junho. Junho is quiet and collected, hes also very smart. Junho and Sookan instantly become everlasting friends. Thinking about her future, Sookan decides she wants to study in the States. When the time comes for her to start packing for the States, Junho cant bear with Sookan leaving, so he tells her to meet him at a photography studio so they can take there picture together and keep it as a memory. Sookan knows this would get her mother upset because a young girl isnt supposed to take her picture with a boy. But she goes anyway. In the end, when it is time for to Sookan go to the States, she goes to look for Junho to say good-bye, but he is nowhere to be found. She then thinks its better that way, to not say good-bye, to keep their every-lasting friendship.
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