DJVU Journey into Healing: Awakening the Wisdom Within You by Deepak Chopra (Goodreads Author) eReader via full english book

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1 cassette / 1 hourRead by Deepak ChopraAlso available on Compact DiscFrom the bestselling author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.Essential ideas from the work of Deepak Chopra, M.D. are arranged to create a transcendent experience for the listener, a journey into healing.  Along the path, we discover that what we think and feel can actually change our biology.  We learn to go beyond self-imposed limitations that create disease, and to seek that place inside ourselves that is at one with the infinite intelligence of the universe, the source of life.  By the end of this audio, the listeners consciousness will have been altered by the experience of the journey itself.  Such change has the power to transform out lives, to grace us with the gifts of lasting peace and perfect health.The end of the audio contains techniques for the Mindfulness Mediation, which can access the silent space between your thoughts, and tap into the inner wisdom that will make all you dream s comes true.
Journey into Healing: Awakening the Wisdom Within You by Deepak Chopra (Goodreads Author) purchase find tom online kindle

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