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Book description
Ethyl Mae Cocos rambling Victorian home on North Gladiola#151;the Main Street of Tula Springs, Louisiana#151;is the only residence left at the business end of town, but its a hotbed for chaotic comedy. Mrs. Coco, aged fifty-seven and feeling somewhat left behind herself, directs her considerable energy into keeping those around her in line#151;her remote, obsessively bargain-hunting husband; members of the Pro Arts Quartet chamber music group, which Ethyl Mae aspires to turn into an accomplished cultural jewel; her six unruly grown children, none of whom keeps the Catholic faith to their staunch convert mothers satisfaction; and the other assorted, eccentric, and endearing people of Tula Springs. Nothing is simple#151;or quite as gossip portrays it#151;in Tula Springs, but after all upheavals and sunders pass, this wired family and community remain strongly connected.
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