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Im semi enjoying the series. My brother bought them a long time ago so I decided to give it a go and as with most Scifi genre books, I hated the science behind everything. I do like it when authors become creative with science and create new ideas on use of science, but this book just takes it too far and as a physics major, it annoys me when people just make nonsense and call it science. Id much rather have it as fantasy rather than fooling people whatever they say is realistic. The book has the typical elements of a good japanese style boy, action anime with some romance to it. To list a few1. A girl whos incredibly smart, talented or gifted. 2. A boy whos not as smart (not dumb in this case) and normal in any other way but passionate, kind and becomes incredibly determined and protective when he has a goal(and super strong as well). 3. A cute little sister, who is smart, loves her older brother and becomes jealous etc.4. An old fart whos very stuck in his own ways, is stubborn and doesnt trust a lot of people.These aspects make it a typically enjoyable series but I guess.. Im a bit bored by it because of the similarities with things Ive seen. Each book in the series has a similar pattern of, Something went wrong. A team with the main girl, Yuu, is dispatched to resolve the problem. The boy, Toma, somehow gets involved. Things get a bit complicated. The girl with her genius brain and the boy with his magical dagger using powers win the battle of whatever and saves the day. Oh and some other people like Tomas sister help out in resolving the problem.Each book shows us a little bit more of the 2 characters past but I guess the main catch to keep reading is, Whats going to happen to Yuu? Is she going to be free? Are they going to find the mad scientist that hid himself? Questions like these. Its an alright read overall so give it a go if you can. Its not out in English yet, but you might be able to find translations somewhere.
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