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Book description
Claire Bradford needed a wake-up call.What she didnt need was a tragic car accident. As a single mom and the owner of a successful bead shop, Claire leads a predictable life in Hopes Crossing, Colorado. So what if she has no time for romance? At least, thats what she tells herself, especially when her best friends sexy younger brother comes back to town as the new chief of police.But when the accident forces Claire to slow down and lean on others; especially Riley McKnight; she realizes, for the first time, that things need to change. And not just in her own life. The accident; and the string of robberies committed by teenagers that led up to it; is a wake-up call to the people of Hopes Crossing. The sense of community and togetherness had been lost during those tough years. But with a mysterious Angel of Hope working to inspire the town, Riley and Claire will find themselves opening up to love and other possibilities by the end of an extraordinary summer.
Blackberry Summer by RaeAnne Thayne (Goodreads Author) phone wiki free eReader book

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