is looking for
cool stuff for their
new offices in brussels

We are a small web development agency in Brussels (Belgium). About a year ago, we moved into our new offices. They are neat, but definitely lack character. We have put together a list of things we would like to have around us when we work.

You've got a few items on this list? You're thinking about giving them to your kids? Let's face it, they probably don't care. You can give them away, trade them for an exciting surprise... who knows, we might even pay for them. And of course, as long as it's not too far away from Brussels, we can pick them up at your place.

Sounds good ? Let's talk business: or +32 (0)2 305 33 54

And now... the list !

1. Old school ski clothing

We'd like to explain why and all but to be honest it would be too long of a story.

2. Vintage skiing gear

Let's cut the crap, we have no use for those... But still, they would look terrific on our walls, don't you think ?

3. 80s TV-set

We have a NES, plenty of games... but no TV. And yes, you can join us for afterwork Duck Hunt sessions during this long and cold winter.

4. Vintage sofa / seats

Of course we could play video games on the ground, but it would be so much better with a decent sofa.

5. Winter bling

We definitely neeed something like that for our meeting room. Customers like deer heads right ? Right ?

6. Obsolete programming books

A few serious-looking programming books like this one might help us improve our street credibility. Ok, maybe not, but send them anyway :)

That's it
Next step : go check your attic,
your basement or even both, and contact us!

Drop us an email at or call us : +32 (0)2 305 33 54

And remember, we can fetch your stuff at your place, FOR FREE!!!