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Many of Viennas attractions are concentrated in one area. Thus the gothic St. Stephans Cathedral, the baroque Belvedere Castle or those palaces built in Viennese Art Nouveau Style can all be reached by foot and you need no more than eleven minutes by subway to reach Schoenbrunn Castle from St. Charless Church. Vienna is primarily a city of artists, musicians and architects. The well-known figures such as Gustav Klimt, Adolf Loos, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert, Antonio Vivaldi, Sigmund Freud, Otto Wagner, Ludwig Wittgenstein and many others were born in Vienna or lived here. With this book youll learn among many other things: - Where Ludwig van Beethoven met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; - Where Adolf Hitler in Vienna usually used to drink his tea, a couple of tables away from Gustav Klimt; - The park where Hitler and Stalin crossed paths without taking notice of each other, - In exactly which room of their imperial home young Marie Antoinette played with her sisters and brothers, - The castle which Empress Elisabeth - Sisi marked as her dungeon castle, - From which table the Emperor Franz Joseph I set in motion the World War I.
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