If you're like most of the people I invited to see this page, I harassed, begged and pleaded with you to vote for my project on the GOOD Maker contest site this spring. I may have even promised a few of you that I would send you topless pictures of myself...yeah - that's not happening. On a serious note, I made this page to say thank you for your vote - I never would have gotten to host such a fun, positive event this fall without your help. Curious about how it turned out?

Over 50 people attended the event at the Greenhouse, an amazing coffee house close to UCA. They brought lots of food with them for Bethlehem House, a Conway homeless shelter and food pantry. Here are some numbers:
  • 64 Ramen noodle packages (yes, most of us are college kids)
  • 8 cans of vegetables
  • 8 cans of spaghetti dinners
  • 3 stovetop dinner packages
  • 2 cans of spaghetti sauce
  • 4 individual packages of instant oatmeal
  • 5 bags of rice
  • 2 boxes of Mac n' Cheese and the equivalent of another box in individual meals
  • 3 cans of soup 1 can of fruit
  • 1 box of pancake mix
We also purchased gift cards from Pitza 42, a Conway restaurant that donates a meal to a malnourished child when one is purchased, as prizes for our spoons champions. With your help we fed hungry people in Arkansas and around the world. Oh - and we had pancakes at the tournament. Our cafeteria at UCA really sucks sometimes, so you fed hungry college kids too :)

What did it look like? Here are some pictures that were taken by a talented photographer from UCA's The Echo!
Yeah, this one is me - in case you can't tell, I am happy that I got a spoon. Thank you so much for voting, attending and feeding the hungry!

Jordan King

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