The Ancient Ruins

(Texture Pack: OCD PAck)

The Ancient villagers, after building alot of jungle temples didnt feel like they had pleased the gods enough. So they build a BIG ASS TEMPLE. (and sent it skyward) Over time, the Ancients have died and the temple is slowly fading away. So, ShuttahCorp (a.k.a Me) looked at it and decided that it would make an excellent addition to SethBlings SSB map lineup. As I offer the "Deed" to the stage, I ponder if Seth is willing to accept the new land.

THe Stage & How I Made IT

The stage is a GIANT jungle temple, surrounded by a small abount of jungle trees and foliage.
The size of the stage is around 55x65.
I used MCEdit most of the time. It was used when I made the Jungle temple scale from 1:1 to 2:1,(Seth's Enlarge Filter) When I smoothed out the land (bottom included, Seth's SmoothShape Filter) and when I needed the floating island and raised it skyward. (Select and Nudge)
The rest was planting trees (and burning them down) Ingame.

Why should it be used in the map?

It should be used on the map because it ticks all of the "boxes". Seth has been saying things in his livestreams about the ideal stage in his SSB map. The things he says are...
  • "Must be able to see the scoreboard"
    Well, thats why I blew a bloody big hole in the side. Heres a Pic.
Theres a big hole. Also, I positioned the trees perfectly, so you dont have to move around to see how many lives you have left.
  • "Must have different pathways"
    The Stage has many different ways to go. Heres some Pics.
Not only does this passage go around the main stairs, but it also leads to the jungle area.
Run down the stairs for a longer path, or jump down the vines for a quick escape. Your choice.
  • "Must have lots of platforms." (Must have lots of places to go)
    This place has HEAPS of different bridges, staircases and ways to go. (Plus, it isnt confusing to navigate) Heres a example.
There is plenty of places to go on the roof of the temple. Bridges, vines and treetop access can all be found on the roof. And yes...
It has roof access.

Lots of Pictures

Please up vote this post on reddit. That will increase the chances of this stage being used in the final map. I will try to contact Seth, through all other mediums, but the best way is minecraft reddit community support. If by any chance Seth is reading this, send a reddit message to Shuttah627 (creator of this reddit link) with you opinion.

thanks for reading