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Ive always wanted to open a wardrobe and find a portal to a hidden magical land. This Tor short story is the next best thing. The magical land of Tikanu is best accessed through wild mint. You may find books of lore in odd corners of the library, bright purple toadstools in the woods, symbols scribed delicately in spiderwebs. Rebel spirits called lillim may sicken your child by stealing life from it, but the gnarled wood golems who work in the Tikanu library are willing to offer advice and help. I loved the whimsical, fantastical details of this magical land that lies so near to ours. Theres not much of a plot here, and at times it comes across a bit kumbaya, with Jews and Moslems, traditional families and gays, ants and golems, spirits and small winged things all feasting together, but its a heartwarming and lovely tale.4.5 stars. This is free online at Tor.com. Thanks to my friend Jana for finding this story! She wrote a brief one-line review here on Goodreads but her longer review here at www.FantasyLiterature.com really captures this tale beautifully.
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