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Get two designs from each pattern! One fused pattern produces two blocks in this positive/negative machine applique method. Its simple, economical, fun, fast, and stunning! A single project yields a double return. Trace the design, cut out from fused fabric, and youll get both your original design and the reverse of it in the background. Fuse both to other fabrics and there you have it-two quilts for the work of one. Machine applique and quilt the designs at the same time. There are mini-projects to practice with and 10 complete projects with patterns and step-by-step instructions. Projects suitable for all skill levels range from home dec and accessory items such as a tote, pillow, bell pull, wallhanging, and table runner to full-size quilts. Each project introduces new skills or techniques. An extensive gallery demonstrates just how versatile reverse applique can be. The variations in color, technique, and style of the quilts will inspire your own creativity.
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