HOT Burning for the Bear by Sky Winters italian kindle online eReader review

Book description
I had some issues with this. This whole thing just seemed improbable. So, hes a firefighter and travels a lot to do this thing with his crew. Ok...I can accept that. Then Amber saves him from a burnout pretty much and gets him to her cabin to help him. Then they get busy really fast the following morning. Obviously this is a booty call for him. Thats even fine too because Amber accepts that too. What makes it so unfathomable is that hes going to have her bareback and walk away without even making sure she didnt get pregnant? Uh? What did he think could happen? Ello? Pregnancy. I wonder how many other women hes done that to? She had no way of telling him anyways because he travels for his job. By happenchance he sees her 2 years later AFTER she has the baby and hes what 1 1/2 years old if that? Dominic gets upset with her not telling him. He pretty much made it all clear for her when he left the first time. Hes a city boy and doesnt have any want to live where Amber does. He likes his playboy life etc. So, naturally she keeps it to herself and wants to raise her son on her own. All that time she has no clue Dominic was a bear until her son starts having weird mannerisms. I have to say that the bear shifter part of this book was WAY minimized. I would think it would be the main part. Its like the author wrote a regular romance then decided to turn it into a paranormal and threw a couple tidbits about bear shifters and called it good. If Dominic is a bear why didnt he shift to save himself in the fire? His bear should be stronger than his human self. At least should be considering what I know from other bear shifter books I read. This just didnt work. Sorry.
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