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alex davenport has a BDSM lifestyle but he has been watching olivia liv for awhile now and cant seem to get her off his mind... he sees something in her and wants her, to take care of her...get to know her.... So Alex being the RICH, Alpha Male THAT HE IS!! HAS liv watched and a background ck on her... she is working to take care of her mother who is in a home with alzheimers and all her $ goes to her care. She can barely get by since her father left them. So Alex proposes a deal with Liv, he asks her to marry him and he will take care of all her debt, mothers care, medical expenses and to protect her. Alex explains that he has a lifestyle that she would not understand and doesnt want to marry at this time so they can live as friends and this way his family name is not ruined by his alternative lifestyle in the BDSM world and he fulfils his parents wishes of getting married... what they do not expect is, friendship turning into something else and Liv actually reading up on his lifstyle and wanting to become apart of it and undetrstand more... she would like to experiment and even look into her submissive nature in return she believes she can help him with his Domitive personality problems he has carried around since childhoodBDSM in this book, sexual experimental situations, and I found myself reading the book in one day until it was finished... it was a good book and I really loved Alexs family (side note) his mother was THE BEST!!!! SHE HAD ME IN STICHES LAUGHING... (love a mother that nothing gets by her!! :)
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