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From the haunting, dramatic past of the Spanish Empire, here is a vibrant, unforgettable heroine -- the starkly beautiful Carlota Isabel, daughter of a wealthy landowner and the sensuous gypsy woman, Tatiana.Raised in her fathers cloistered home in majestic Spain, but possessed of her mothers savage passions, Carlota is sent to the exotic New World to marry a stranger, cold, masterful Tommas de Alvarado. There her wild gypsy heart, and her beckoning destiny, lead her into the arms of another man -- the handsome renegade, Ricardo.Here is a saga of romance rich with excitement and danger -- the fiery, mystic spirit of roaming gypsy bands...the dark, deadly shadow of the Inquisition...the foreboding gaiety of Fiesta...the ever-awesome presence of a mighty, trembling volcano, threatening to bring an end to the tormented House of Alvarado -- and Carlotas rapturous affair...
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