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Librarians note: This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN: B00ECNSNXM.Nicholas is the urbane, cool, calm, very controlled and controlling CEO of a successful marketing company, until he meets Eleanor, the head of his design department, who, with her impulsive - almost reckless - spontaneity, soon breaks down his reserve.Their first meeting is less than auspiscious, with Eleanor summoned to Nicholas office to explain discrepancies in her departments accounts.Nicholas, despite his usually guarded approach to relationships, finds himself drawn to Eleanor in a way that comes to consume him and expose his vulnerabilities.Eleanor, by contrast, is not in the least guarded, being very open and responsive, possibly slightly naive, and she is soon in his thrall.Nicholas doesnt believe in love.Eleanor believes in fairytales.Are they a match made in Heaven?Can Eleanor be with Nicholas without being destroyed by him?Does Nicholas want more than she can give?Can he control her? Will he love her?Where does the power dynamic really lie?This is a love story for the modern age and as such contains strong language and descriptions of consensual sexual activity, not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.Love by Design - Taken in Hand is the first of three books about Nicholas and Eleanor, but is also a complete novel of 50,000+ words, which starts to explore their developing relationship, with a satisfactory ending at a natural pause in the story.As the first book in the series it is relatively light-hearted, detailing the initial stage of their blossoming romance.
Taken in Hand (Love Design, #1) by J.R. James (Goodreads Author) mobile read online how to shop

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