Update: we'll be shutting down on Monday, December 3. If you're a Twistory Pro user, make sure to export your tweets!

Twistory IS
now history

Thanks a lot for your support

After more than four years, we're pulling the plug on Twistory. Twitter's recent API restrictions, as well as the fact that all three of us are involved in a number of other time-consuming initiatives, left us no choice but to take that highly unpleasant decision.
Since our launch in April 2008, we served a calendar-friendly Twitter feed (to be used with most popular calendar applications) to almost 60K users in both a free and paid model. We received rave reviews from tech sites such as Techcrunch, Lifehacker, Read Write Web, The Next Web and web celebs Chris Pirillo and Steve Rubel.
As of today, we're no longer accepting new users and we will shortly stop crawling free user Twitter feeds.

If you're currently using Twistory Pro,
 your account will continue to be active for another 2-3 months and we won't bill you. Make sure to export a .csv of your Twistory somewhere the next few weeks to make sure you won't lose any of the collected data.

As much as we hate to see the service go, it's time to move on to other projects. Thanks a lot for your support over the past few years!

Koen, Tom and Tijs