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Daphne and Joanna, respectively, lust after matinee idol Garry Essendine. They must have him! There hasnt been such a stage actor since John Barrymore in the 20s, but what the hell. Give Noely, who wrote the role for himself, his fawntasies. The ladies arrive at an indecent hour, Garry Essendine romances them in his spare room, then withdraws to chambers on 2d floor. (Dont ask--) ~ What ensues is not a bedroom farce, but a guest room farce: his assistant, wife, nitwit young dramatist, producers arrive in the morning. Spare room? Ehh, Mr Coward, whats that about? Is anyone, er, uh, else stashed away in Garrys bedroom?Feydeau, Sheridan, Marivaux are mixed with telephones and doorbells blaring nonstop. You miserable cad! sniffs Garrys jealous producer. Cad, cad away ~~ Youre the most unmitigated cad! snarls the married Joanna, feeling wobbly after one sex bout which she provoked. Theres also the goody-whoopee line, Ill never speak to you again. Never! This blithery nonsense is expertly done. Its bogus, but who ever goes to the theatuh for reality? For reality, consult your evening news (a selected reality).Coward played Garry in London in the mid40s, then Clifton Webb essayed Garry on Bwy (ssh! hot? LOL) before becoming the most famous filmic Nanny-Nance, Mr Belvedere. This Bwy miscasting hurt the play. Later George C Scott (flaming nostrils) did Garry, so did Frank Langella (aka Lemonjello); he has balls but no charm. The part requires Cary Grant.Garry : You want to know what Im really like, under all the glittering veneer? Well, this is it. -- Fundamentally honest.Joanna: Curtain!Garry: This is the end!Joanna: No, my sweet, only the beginning.Then shes pushed into the spare-guest room.One critic said the male-female roles should be reversed, but I dont think we should linger there.Its a funny play. Underrated Coward.
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