Question: please tell me where The X-Rated Videotape Guide VII by Patrick Riley portable francais eReader book italian

Book description
With thousands of new releases to choose from, this is expert advice on whats hot and whats not. In this jam-packed seventh volume of the bestselling X-Rated Videotape Guide series, author Patrick Riley covers the latter half of 1996, all of 1997, and the first half of 1998.Riley brings his sizzling series up-to-date with the latest tantalizing information, including cast members, directors, movie titles, distributors and manufacturers (where known), release date, classification (e.g., feature, compilation, bisexual, romantic, etc.), quality, erotic impact ratings, and notes of performers sexual features, and the on-screen passion.n addition to reviewing current movies, Riley has included more than 200 oldies, dating back to the 1970s, which have been the subject of renewed interest. Featuring an estimated 6,000 movies, this is the most complete adult movie guide ever.
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