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Fifty-five-year-old Dr. Harold Fred Shipman has a noble dedication to his profession, winning the trust of his patients with ingratiating charm and an old-school bedside manner. In fact, he even made house calls--but his unsuspecting patients has no idea of the evil that lurked behind the friendly facade of the kindly doctor...After thirty years of practice, Dr. Shipmans true nature was finally expoosed--that of a calculating killer who delivered his own perscription for death. Authorities eventually unearthed the shocking possibility that the fatherly physician had killed as many as 297 people. As body after body was exhumed from the local graveyard, the question grew more disturbing. How could such a prolific killer remain undetected for so long? What motive drove this seemingly good doctor to his deadly obsession with murder? And just how many people did Harold Shipman kill? The search for answers would take investigators into the life of a man who forever changed the stereotype of the sweet country doctor...
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