The Ultimate List of Ultimate Coffee Gift Lists

Go Caffeïne Crazy for Your Loved Ones

Christmas Time! The perfect time to drench your peers in future caffeïne addictions.

Following popular demand (at least one person), I listed up some lists that I find to be most inspiring for the shopping spree to come.

To top things of, I added some ideas of my own. Any Ideas yourself? Please share!


Dear Coffee, I Love You


Wired - Essentials for the Perfect Cup

CoffeeGeek < $35

CoffeeGeek < $500

Serious Eats Gift Guide

Sprudge - NYC Edition

Ratio Brewer

Time on your hands and Money to Burn? Despair no more! The Ratio brewer is absolutely gorgeous and fancifully expensive. The website doesn't really contain a lot of specifics, but then again, it looks great!

Your lobed one will have to do with the picture, however, as shipping isn't due till May 2014

Olam Specialty Coffee

Nothing says "I love You" like 60kg of Green Specialty Coffee!
Olam has created a specialty webshop that tenders to all your specialty coffee cravings, in the usual bags of 60kg. You'll be the talk of the neighbourhood!

Bonaverde RoastGrindBrewer

Bought A bag of Coffee, Are Patient and Have Cash? This Bonaverde machine has reached all necessary funding on Kickstarter and will start shipments as of October'14. Only 2 days left!

Blue Bottle: Small Lot Selections Tube

Forget Caviar: Treat Yourself to the best beans this world has to offer, brought to you by the kind people of Blue Bottle. In their own words: "Expect (...) a rainbow of decadent tropicalia, replete with maraschino cherry (Nekisse), grape soda (Tres Limites) and mango nectar (Los Lajones)."

Sprudge L.A. Gift Guide

We can't all be so lucky to live in a Winter Wonderland. Here's Sprudge's answer for Christmas Coffee Spirit in the Sun!

CoffeeGeek: Price is no object!

Madness, I tell you, Madness!

Intelligentsia Traveler Gift Set