Urban Pad Reboot/Successor ?

Is it worth doing ?

Gamr7 closed one year ago. Urban PAD, the procedural city/building generator was its main product. I was the technical founder of Gamr7 and I feel like building another similar product would be a good idea.
I cannot use the original code but during last year, I have built a set of libraries that could be combined to build a better, faster, Urban PAD, under a new name (Babylon Project). Having done it once, I was able to optimize a lot more things from the first iteration of Urban pad

I see 4 reasons why this could be a good idea:

Reason #1 : Procedural generation works. People used Urban PAD to build a lot of different things from castle, skyscrapers to dungeons. It worked well and there is still need for a simple 3D procedural modeler.

Reason #2 : I can build a more streamlined, focused company. I have learned a lot during the last years. This new company will be more efficient : smaller, more nimble and customer oriented.

Reason #3 : The original community was very supportive and I feel it deserves a good product. Many people wrote me to encouraged me to do this. You want a simple, useful, usable software. That's what I would love to build.

Reason #4 : I talked about the project with a few people and they loved the idea : Alexis Khouri (Allegorithmic), Florian Bochard (Architect), Pierre Carde (Game Connection Guru), Janos Boudet (Nintendo R&D), among others....

But this means a lot of works...

So I want to be sure it is needed/appreciated and have enough money to complete it. So I made a small poll to see what you think.

Would you...

Would you buy/use a new product similar to Urban PAD ?

What's its most important feature for you ?

GIS / City Generation
3d Building generation
Static Mesh composition

What would be a reasonable price for a new version ? (per seat)

Would you commit to this kickstarter project : $50k total for a first version ?

That's it.

Thank you for your answers ! I will compile them and announce the results on twitter via @babylon_project and @LBdN. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to participate to the discussion.