Updated Xbox One app in Skype with new

Microsoft has released a Universal Windows Platform version of PC with Windows 10 Anniversary Update last year and now the company has launched the similar version for Xbox One as well with the latest Creators Update. The Redmond-based company shares the words that the Xbox One version of the app has been re-made to put ‘gamers first’.

The updated version of the app permits users to do free video calls to up to five users and free audio calls to more than 25 users concurrently. According to the company, the user interface of the app has been updated to make it facile to hop in and out of calls and even has a ‘dark look’ that matches some of the apps on the podium. Meanwhile, if any technical mess such as Skype not connecting or some error message disturbs you continuously then you can get
in touch professionals.

The company shared its words in a blog post, "We've added controller shortcuts, giving you quick access to Skype commands with the tap of a button so you can quickly jump from a video call to a background call and vice versa. Finally, we've added a manual zoom option that gives you control over the Kinect camera during a call, a feature you have been asking for."

While audio calls can work with any headset linked to the Xbox One controller, unprovoked say, the video calls will need users to link connect Kinect to the console. And if the Skype audio not working then you need to make a call to professionals and experts.

Remarkably, the updated version of the app comes with ‘auto zoom’ aspect, with which the Kinect camera immediately pans and zooms into the face of the user automatically, so that it feels like you’re making the video call from a mobile device and not pointlessly show the furniture behind you. In case you favor immense filed-of-view, you can select to switch off the aspect.

The latest Skype for Xbox One app is already available as an update from Xbox One app store. Let us remind you once again that being a user of Skype, if you face any technical mess or error, such as Skype not responding or some issue with a microphone, then instead of roaming here and there you can get in touch with professionals and experts.