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Book description
The beginning is really good, with Bridie and her family finding out her father was a famous thief. It is all very exciting for the reader, although for poor Bridie is a real pain, to realize they are broke, her fiancee breaking the engagement due his reputation and having to take care of a invalid mother, a thoughtless sister and an old Nannie.But then, once Bridie moves out to London and becomes part of the music stage... MEH.Not a fan of:- music stage: more specifically, comedies. The kind Bridie and her protectors perform. Most of the book is about it.- the hero: 1) has a moustache **yuck**, 2) is a cowboy **yuck**, 3) wears a gaucho hat and is more or less an Argentinian since he used to live there (I am not a fan of AR). 4) Once they are engaged, calls Bridie honey **yuck**. 5) likes to smoke **yuck**- the lack of mystery and adventure and intrigue and live-in-danger. Only towards the end is more or less good.- Bridies sisters love story. Bleh.- the epilogue: corny and predictable.
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