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Her green eyes flicked back and forth with mine, searching me for some sort of invitation. I could tell that Esme had a yearning inside of her as she leaned in close to me.When 24-year-old Amelia finds out that her favorite author bequeathed a previously unreleased novella to her local university library, she wastes no time in going to read it. She never expected, however, that this bookish excursion would introduce her to the most beautiful librarian she’d ever laid eyes on.Esme, a 37-year-old redheaded bombshell of a librarian, assists Amelia in her special reading request and the two women, one young and one older, instantly bond over their shared love of books. Will a friendly date of drinks and literature lead to something more between these two women? Can their new passionate romance overcome deceit in the library? Will Esme’s carnal experience open Amelia’s eyes to explorations she’s never before considered?
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