CET Celaya: Teaching with Technology

Developing & Managing your PLN

A PLN is a Personal Learning Netowrk - the people or resources that you interact with for the purpose of professional development.

Today, you are going ot start developing your PLN.

Task 1: Developing a PLN

  1. Right click on the link and open it in another (keep this tab open as you will need to use it later): www.twitter.com
  2. Open a Twitter account.
  3. Find 10 people to follow through  people search. Use #EFL or #ESL or #teachingenglish or #ELT
  4. Find 5 links to teaching teaching blogs or teaching websites through Twitter. Keep some of these tabs open as you will use them in Task 2

Task 2: Managing your PLN 
  1. Right click on this link: www.netvibes.com
  2. Click on "Get started", then click on "Go basic".
  3. Go to "Add content," and type "teach English" or "TEFL". Wait, while your page is created.
  4. Then, copy and paste the URL of  one of the teaching blogs that you found earlier into Netvibes.

Other well-know RSS reader tools:

Interacting with your students online

Task 3: Interacting with your students.

  1. Go back to Twitter and do a hashtag search #learnenglish
  2. Find (a) resources (s) that you think would be useful for your students to use in order to practice their English online in their own time.
  3. Go to website Check This
  4. Type in a page title for your students (the students that you just found a resource for), i.e. "Mark's Intermediate Group."
  5. Below the title, type in a description of the resource and (briefly) what you expect your students to do with it.
  6. Copy and paste the link to the resource below the description.
  7. Click publish.

Organising Your Teaching

Other tools that you should explore for organising you links, teaching materials are:

  • Evernote (Create and save web content and docs into folders)
  • Scoopit (save, share and receive recommendations of web content)
  • Google Drive (create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations)

Optional Task 4
Watch this video for more on how teachers can use Scoop.it. Read my post on using Evernote for organising lessons.Watch the presentation 37 ways to use Google docs in class.

Using Web Resources in Class

You are going to look at some websites that, although not designed specifically for use by English teachers, can used to practice English.

Right click on t his link to open it in a new tab: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuvNrPaStYhYdGIxNnhKZjBNVnduN0Z0RFRzbUxCS0E

Open the links to the websites and then make notes on the Google Doc on how you could use the tool in class with your students.


a) Open the links below, look at the examples of webquests, and discuss the questions below with your partners and discuss:

  • What is a webquest?
  • What are the different parts of a webquest?
  • Could you do them with your students? Why/Why not?