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No, I didnt read this in Swedish, they had it on Amazon, maybe for free, and I read it there because, apparently, I wasnt already bored enough with Swedish mystery novels. I have to wonder at myself. I hated every Dragon Tattoo book and read them all. Not really read. Listened to on Audible. Sometimes its best to not listen to really good things on Audible so you dont mind interruptions and you dont care that really only heard half of it.I never read an Erik Winter novel before, but Erik Winter is boring and I dont want to read an Erik Winter novel again. I am part Scandinavian myself, and I know for a fact that the genome has not completely suppressed a sense of humor. Gaiety, maybe, but not humor. And yet the Swedish novels that make it to this country, like the movies before them, are dreary things, and their characters never laugh.Here we have another Swedish detective of the completely-buttoned-up, and not because-its-so-dang-cold variety, but there are no pretensions to a global conspiracies, and computers barely exist. Erik Winter is not quite as irresistible to women as Mikael Blomkvist, though, of course, hes hot. In a cold and boring way. The crime itself is gory, and theres some suspense, but just in case you were worried about this, Erik Winter lives to fight crime another day, so go ahead and make out the lights and go to bed already.
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