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RootsBuzz along as Musca Domestica, a housefly, narrates the fine points of a forbidden affair. Readers, depending on your standpoint, age may or may not be just a number! If youre old enough to vote, drive and make life altering decisions, can you enter into a consensual relationship? Please be advised that the hot and sticky sex scenes will raise the heat considerably which in turn may rock your boat. Grab hold to a life jacket... as you deliberate over whether its desperation or love? Theodore Lakewood is a senior at West Dade high school. At 18, hes ecstatic to have the keys to the Maxima. The star basketball player is playing it smooth avoiding traps of young girls looking for an escape route to fame and fortune. Hes dreading the fact that hes got to deal with Ms. Fatrick, but will his consistent detentions correct their issues? Paige Patrick is 32, an English teacher for the last six years and recently divorced. She spent her summer working some issues out. No longer will she be ridiculed as the chubby mean teacher, Ms. Fatrick. Though she is free of the weights in her life, shes lonely. When times get too hard, she allows her ex to pillage her garden. Can she finally find a `man to handle her? When hidden `relations are unexpectedly scrutinized, can these revelations trigger damage or will love last? Fly On The Wall deals with adultery, ethics, sex, and loss. The truth- We all know that its usually those whispers in the dark that keep the hotness flowing. I wouldve preferred to read in depth about the consequences surrounding West Dade high school affairs as well as the pending court case. Trista as usual is hittin nothing but net.
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