DOC Longevity Made Simple: How to Add 20 Good Years to Your Life. Lessons from Decades of Research by Richard J. Flanigan epub ibooks iphone

Book description
Longevity Made Simple cuts through the flood of daily medical news to provide readers with the crucial information they need to live longer and healthier lives. In Longevity Made Simple, Drs. Flanigan and Sawyer distill medical information to its most essential elements and focus on what really matters: the strategies that can prevent disease.Concisely written, yet brimming with authoritative evidence, Longevity Made Simple focuses on the ten most deadly diseases, which account for more than three-quarters of all deaths in America. The book helps readers determine their personal risk profiles for these diseases, then offers them tactics to reduce or to eliminate the greatest threats to their own health and longevity. Readers will come away from Longevity Made Simple with a new understanding of the real threats to their health and the tools to extend their lives. All advice given by Drs. Flanigan and Sawyer is based on their extensive clinical experience and published scientific findings, making Longevity Made Simple not only engaging and highly accessible, but also authoritative.
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