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Book description
After a fierce battle, Erin of Elliath and her comrades have brought hope back to the Servants of the Bright Heart. The throne of Marantine has been reclaimed, and a new king rules the last remnants of Lernans people.Within the lands of the Dark Empire, however, the power of the Bright Heart grows dim. The last stronghold of the Light, the well of Lernans power, is quickly draining in the shadow of the inexorable forces of Darkness. The High Priests compete for supremacy, and even the nobility of the Dark Empire has begun to feel the burden of their never-ending war. The First of the Sundered, Lord Stefanos, has returned, once again walking the night and devouring the innocent in mourning for his lost beloved—Lady Sara, Erin of Elliath.Erin is determined to free the Light and release her long-dead friends from the purgatory of the Dark Heart. She must once more journey into the heart of the Dark Lands to confront the legacy of Lady Sara and the inevitable destiny of the lines, forcing her toward a final confrontation with her most formidable and ancient enemy—the man she loves.
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