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THE STORYTime is running out for Manyara Chan. The disease that has ravaged her leg is spreading and she is having trouble keeping the hallucinations and pain at bay. Days from her upload to the mysterious cloud, she makes a desperate attempt to prove that things aren’t quite what they seem.There is something ominous yet familiar about the city of the Builders and Mani enlists the help of her friends, DeMoto and Petra, to find out the truth. An unexpected detour to the moon of Phobos may just give her the answers she needs before it’s too late and Mani becomes trapped in a digital universe that she can’t escape.BUY IT$ 0.99 (until February, 2): Amazon | iBookstoreA SINGLE QUOTEMaybe Heyson was right. Maybe she was simply frightened by the possibility of upload. After all, her physical body would die. It would be her consciousness that would be uploaded to New Venice. It was natural to be afraid, despite the fact that people had been uploading for thousands of years. She’d been frightened when she had the surgery to amputate her leg. What if something happened? What if she didn’t wake up? But surgeries had been performed for centuries before uploads. And yet, facing them was still a frightening prospect. Why should uploading be any different? But it was more than that. There was something about the alien city that seemed off – something familiar...THE AUTHORJamie Todd Rubin is a science fiction writer and blogger. His fiction has appeared in Analog, Apex Magazine and Orson Scott Cards InterGalactic Medicine Show. He writes the Wayward Time Traveler column for SF Signal and he vacations frequently in the Golden Age of science fiction.
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