Wake up earlier by competing against friends

The merciless alarm clock becomes social.

Wake N Shake has now been downloaded over 100,000 times. It became known as the "Merciless" alarm clock. There is no snooze button. There is no mercy. The only way to shut it off is by shaking the hell out of the iPhone.

Now we're moving passed being just an alarm clock. With this new update, we're adding a whole new layer that makes waking up a fun, social experience.

Complete Redesign.

First, we realized being a social alarm clock was going to take much more than just adding a facebook log-in and calling it a day. We wanted the whole experience to be absolutely beautiful. So we threw away the old designs, and built a new Wake N Shake from the ground up.

We created a minimalist interface that's gesture based to reduce the amount of taps you make. The whole experience became fluid, fast and simple. The app was ready to recieve its social upgrade.

Motivation through competition.

There's nothing like pushing yourself... to beat your friends. Bragging rights. Slight sense of superiority. Ah. Victory. By adding competition to waking up, we add an addition reason for getting up in the morning. Earlier. Faster. With more energy.

Get rewarded for being awesome.

If competition isn't enough to get you out of bed, then maybe earning tough achievements is. We designed 50 achievements that'll keep you shaking and help you get into the habit of using Wake N Shake. There's some that you earn easily, and some that you'll really have to be disciplined to earn them. But once you do, you'll feel great. Because you are.

Ultimately, it's about getting you the hell out of bed.

Wake N Shake is a productivity tool. As such, all of these new features are designed to get you out of bed, pumped, ready to kick some ass.

With version 3.0 you get a merciless alarm clock that'll really wake you up, combined with some fun social features that'll keep you motivated and help you get into the habit of waking up early, energized with hunger to get things done.


Would love to hear your thoughts on the new Wake N Shake, and some feedback if you use it and wish to see new features. Cheers!

- The Wake N Shake Team